Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
in Yamhill County, Oregon

Yamhill County Bookkeeping & Accounting for Your Health & Wellness Business

The Body of Accounting wants to help you keep your finances healthy just like you keep your patients healthy! We use a combination of skills, training, certifications, degrees, two decades of experience and modern technology to help your business thrive. Additionally, we utilize the KISS (Keep It Simple and Sweet) method and the GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) to offer the most effective assistance. We’re proud to be your local specialized provider of effective virtual services including:

  • Yamhill County document management technology
  • Yamhill County financial education and coaching
  • Yamhill County accounting and bookkeeping

Remember, our Yamhill financial and accounting services are uniquely customized to suit the unique needs of the health and wellness industry. This makes our targeted strategies even more efficient.

Yamhill County Accounting & Bookkeeping
For Health & Wellness Practices

Rather than taking on a traditional full-time employee for your accounting and bookkeeping needs or trying to deal with them yourself, let The Body of Accounting take care of them for you as your virtual bookkeeper and accounting services provider in Yamhill. Our
cost-effective work saves you time so you can focus on your patients. We’ll handle:
  • Payroll and processes such as employee onboarding
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Old accounting and bookkeeping clean-up
  • Management of accounts receivable and payable
  • Loans, bank accounts, equity accounts and credit card accounts reconciliation
  • Chart of accounts and set-up of accounting software

Yamhill County Financial Education & Coaching
For Your Health & Wellness Team

Understanding the ins and outs of finance is such an important and valuable asset when it comes to running a business, but unfortunately it’s not a subject touched on much in school. Through our financial education services in Yamhill, we’ll ensure you fully understand the bloodline of your business. We accomplish this while studying your real numbers and using absolutely no accounting jargon. You’ll be able to:

  • Get control over your finances and understand their influence over business decisions
  • Gain confidence regarding your numbers
  • Identify and fix potential mistakes before they cost your company time and money
  • Develop your knowledge of money’s role in your organization
  • Reverse your “Numberphobic” thinking

Effective Financial Solutions to Grow Your Business

The Body of Accounting offers financial and accounting services in Yamhill County to not only make your life easier but to help your business flourish. Whether you’re a yoga teacher who wants financial coaching or a therapist in need of the latest document management system, we can work with local health and wellness providers just like you who:

Hope to understand the ins and outs of their business’ daily financial transactions

Are looking for a professional to take care of accounting and bookkeeping

Wish to be able to look over all of their bookkeeper’s work

Would like to develop greater financial literacy in general and with their business

Want to be confident during discussions with their financial advisor

Need assistance in finding the right document management system

And More!