Tualatin Virtual Wellness Bookkeeper

Who is a good fit for working with us?

The Body of Accounting - Your Health and Wellness Accountants

Lozelle Mathai, Founder of The Body of Accounting, knows all too well how important it is for health & wellness providers, including:

Behaviorial Health Therapists

Health Physicians


Direct Primary Care and Integrative

Licensed Counselors


Pet Care Services

Speech-Language Pathologists


Dietitians and Nutritionists

Massage Therapists and Spa Owners

Physical Therapists

Yoga, Pilate or Barre Studio Owners


Wondering if we’re a good fit?
Time is a valuable asset that you can never get back, so we don’t believe in wasting IT!
Let’s work together if you Are:

Excited to be #dangerouslyinlovewithyourfinances.

An established health and wellness business with at least $70k/year in gross revenue.

Prepared to invest in services which are unique, personalized and effective. The Body of Accounting is highly experienced with defined processes and systems.

Ready to fully outsource your bookkeeping and be available for a 4-6 week financial meeting. We structure it so you are involved, but not doing the work.