Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
in West Linn, Oregon

West Linn Bookkeeping & Accounting for Your Health & Wellness Business

Just as you use your skills and training to keep your patients healthy, The Body of Accounting uses our skills and training to keep your practice’s finances healthy! We follow the GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) and KISS (Keep It Simple and Sweet) methods while making use of our multiple accounting degrees/certifications, two decades of experience and modern technology. For health and wellness practices and businesses in West Linn, The Body of Accounting offers these services:

  • West Linn financial education and coaching
  • West Linn accounting and bookkeeping
  • West Linn document management technology

Our West Linn financial and accounting services are specially tailored to the wellness industry, giving us an even greater ability to assist you in a wide range of areas.

West Linn Accounting & Bookkeeping
For Health & Wellness Practices

The Body of Accounting can handle all the financial needs of your business for you, giving you more time for your practice. And since we are a virtual bookkeeper and accounting services provider in West Linn, you can have full confidence that our services are both cost-effective and timesaving over a traditional full-time employee. The Body of Accounting can take care of:

  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Payroll and processes including employee onboarding
  • Managing accounts receivable and payable
  • Reconciliation for loans, bank accounts, equity accounts and credit card accounts
  • Clean-up of old accounting and/or work done by a previous bookkeeper
  • Set-up for accounting software and chart of accounts

West Linn Financial Education & Coaching
For Your Health & Wellness Team

Unfortunately, outside of finance and business related degrees, financial and business literacy is typically not something schools put much emphasis on. However, understanding the essentials of finances allows you to understand the bloodline of your business. No matter your starting point, The Body of Accounting will meet you there with personalized financial education services in West Linn! We use your practice’s real numbers and absolutely no jargon to work with you so you can:

  • Gain control of your finances and how they influence your business decisions
  • Feel confident about your numbers
  • Understand money’s role in your company
  • Correct possible mistakes before they cost you time and money
  • Reverse your “Numberphobic” mindset

How The Body Of Accounting Can Help Providers Like You

Whether you are a nutritionist in need of financial coaching, a yoga instructor wanting assistance with payroll or a veterinarian trying to find a good document management system, The Body of Accounting offers financial and accounting services in West Linn that will make your life easier. We can assist local West Linn health and wellness providers like you who:

Need someone to handle accounting and bookkeeping

Wish to understand why and how their business’ daily financial transactions occur

Would like to be more confident when discussing matters with their financial advisor

Want to be able to double-check work from their bookkeeper

Appreciate guidance in choosing a document management system

Hope to feel more financially literate in general and in relation to your business

And More!