Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
in Tualatin, Oregon

Tualatin Bookkeeping & Accounting for Your Health & Wellness Business

At The Body of Accounting, we follow two core practices: GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) and KISS (Keep it Simple and Sweet). Armed with these key ideas as well as today’s technology, multiple accounting degrees/certifications and several decades of experience, we are more than ready to provide for the wonderful local practices and businesses in the health and wellness industry:

  • Tualatin financial education and coaching
  • Tualatin accounting and bookkeeping
  • Tualatin document management technology

No matter which Tualatin financial and accounting services you need, know that we NEVER deal in confusing jargon and ALWAYS make things crystal clear for you.

Tualatin Accounting & Bookkeeping
For Health & Wellness Practices

Hiring an accountant and bookkeeper gives you an easy solution for tackling the ins-and-outs of your business’ daily financial transactions. Because we are specialized in medical accountant work, we have the unique toolset and knowledge which is perfectly applicable to your needs. Additionally, as your bookkeeper and accounting services provider in Tualatin, we save you money over a full-time employee.

  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Managing accounts receivable and payable
  • Payroll and payroll processes including employee onboarding
  • Reconciliation for credit card accounts, bank accounts, equity accounts and loans
  • Clean-up of old accounting and/or work from a previous bookkeeper
  • Set-up for chart of accounts and accounting software

Tualatin Financial Education & Coaching
For Your Health & Wellness Team

Knowing the fundamentals of finance and the essentials of accounting is a vital step in the road to successfully growing your company. The Body of Accounting is proud to empower clients with our financial education services in Tualatin! Rather than using jargon or impersonal sample companies, we believe that “The learning is in the doing”. Our assistance is hands-on and fully customized, meaning we work with your real financial transactions! The goal of our coaching is for you to be able to:

  • Feel confident about your understanding of your business’ daily financial transactions
  • Realize how each financial transaction impacts your business decisions
  • Correct possible mistakes before they cost you time, money and sanity
  • Know that you are in control of how money functions in your business
  • Reverse your “Numberphobic” thinking
  • Save and get ready for the growth of your company!

Keeping Your Finances Healthy With The Body Of Accounting

Allow us the privilege of keeping your finances healthy so you can continue keeping your clients healthy! We can help Tualatin health and wellness providers who:

Would like to learn more about their accounting and bookkeeping

Hope to understand how and why their daily financial transactions happen

Bring modern technology into their workplace

Wish to feel confident and knowledgeable when speaking with a financial advisor

Want to be able to check over the work done by their bookkeeper

Need to create cash flow statements & budgets

And More!