Uncollectible Revenue

uncollectible revenue

Dear Dangerously in Love With Your Finances, We are a 3 year-old, insurance-based naturopathic family medicine practice located in Oregon. Our staff includes an office manager, a medical assistant, and me. We also have an outside medical billing service taking care of our billing. We have quite a large dollar amount of billing – in my … Read more

Can I afford to expand my pet grooming business?

Pet Grooming Business

Dear Dangerously in Love with Your Finances, We are a pet grooming business located in Colorado. I started this business 4 years ago by myself, and now we have four staff employees. Next year, I would like to expand our business model with additional services such as dog walking, dog daycare, and dog training. I … Read more

Having Money Ready for Quarterly Tax Payment

Dear Dangerously in Love with Your Finances, Oops, I did it again!! I am a mental health provider – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – located in Austin, Texas.  As a solo clinician not on the practice payroll, I keep getting into trouble with my taxes: I am not saving enough to pay my quarterly … Read more

Are you losing money in your mental health practice?

mental health practice

Dear Dangerously in Love with Your Finances, We are a mental health practice located in Dallas, Texas, with in-house counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists on staff. I am one of three partners who acquired the mental health and counseling center two years ago. I recently started digging deep into the business finances and feel like something … Read more

Why Is My Net Income Different from My Bank Balance?

Dear Dangerously in Love with Your Finances, We are a private mental health practice located in Oklahoma City; we specialize in addiction to alcohol and drugs. Every month, as the owner, I review the profit and loss statement — it always shows a large profit. However, when I look at our business bank balance, the numbers tell a different story. Lately, … Read more