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As much as you need to know your operations, if you don’t understand the finance side and how to do the business, you’re never going to be successful. So you might be the best operator or visionary, but if you don’t understand the finance side… I’m successful because I know the finance side, but I also know operations; it’s not an accident. ~ Tilman J. Fertitta

We KISS accounting and bookkeeping results… Keep It Sweet and Simple.

The health and wellness education and training curriculum is geared towards keeping your patients/clients healthy by asking them the right questions, examining their bodies, diagnosing their symptoms and providing them with helpful solutions to solve their health challenges. But what happened to the entrepreneurial business side of the health and wellness industry?

It’s a little bit more than billing the correct code, staying on top of your charts, keeping up to date with the latest EMR/EHR system or staying compliant with your CME. Most health and wellness curriculum’s lack the financial education and financial management element of running a successful health and wellness practice. Fear not, we are here to assist with filling in the financial gap by providing the following services: We deliver far more than numbers.

We interpret and review financial results jargon-free!


Bookkeeping  & Payroll

Set-up of Chart of Accounts

Set-up of software  & Clean-up

Financial Coaching Tualatin Oregon


Engaging in your financial books gives the opportunity to financial course correct, before losing money and time

Change your “Numberphobic” mindset


Budget vs. actual cash flow and general financial analysis

Financial trends within your business/industry


No more paper with document management technology

Real time data in minutes

Technology that best fits your needs.

Financial Management Consulting Services in Tualatin

Lozelle Mathai

Lozelle Mathai is the founder of The Body of Accounting and Closing Your Books LLC. She holds two Accounting degrees and an MBA in addition to studying for her CPA and acting as a Certified Financial Education Instructor.



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