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Our Approach:

Accounting, Accounting Technology, Bookkeeping, Education, Workflow and much more ......

Lets take it from the top – starting with a little financial education

The Accounting Cycle:

Accounting consists of many elements as it relates to the financial side of your health, wellness and alternative medicine business. The beginning stage of accounting is Bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is the foundation of Accounting. 

Just like the health, wellness and alternative medicine industry has principles and standard, so does the accounting industry. Bookkeeping is the day-to-day recording of the daily financial transactions which needs to be in conformity with GAAP, General Accepted Accounting Principles. 

Your daily financial transactions (accounts payable, accounts receivables) are the elements of your financial statements. Proper recording of your financial transaction allows your financial statement to be reliable, relevant and free of errors.  

Accurate financial statements will allows you, the business owner, to make financial business decisions based on accurate data. Once the bookkeeping is accurate, you are ready to dive into the other accounting functions of your business, which include developing a budget, measuring the trends and developing a forecast for the future. 

Medical Accounting For Your Health, Wellness and Alternative Medicine practice/spa/studio:

Most health, wellness and alternative medicine curriculum lack the financial education and financial management element of running a successful health, wellness and alternative medicine practice. 

Our approach and systems will not only give you more free time, but we can help you understand the whys and how to take control of your business finances. 

We are here to assist with filling in the financial gaps and providing medical accounting for your health, wellness and alternative practice/spa/studio. 

We deliver far more than numbers and accounting. We analyze, interpret and turn your numbers into useful information so that you can get practical insight right away.


What is Our Approach to Numbers, People and Technology?

Our approach to Accounting, Bookkeeping, People, Technology and our relationship with our clients:

To get to know them, their business and their financial goals

Understand their accounting and bookkeeping needs and challenges

Help them feel confident about their books

Provide a safe - space for them to feel comfortable to discuss any and all aspects of their financial situation without fear of criticism or judgement

Make it simple for tax time by personalizing financial records and preparing paperwork to be give to their tax accountant.

Help them create consistent positive cash flow

Use the KISS language method - Keep It Sweet and Simple

Help them understand their current financial status, so we can work together to create a financial road map towards the future

Provide financial education while providing financial results that empowers them to "Fall Dangerously In Love With Their Finances"

Accounting Software Specialty

Quickbooks Online
Zoho Books

EHR Software Specialty

Karo Billing

Booking Software

Mind Body

Payment Processing


Who can benefit working with
The Body of Accounting?

Any health, wellness and alternative medical providers who are:

Ready to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping functions

Overwhelmed with the financial aspect of their health and wellness business

Ready to streamline and automate their accounting workflow. 

Unsure of the accuracy of their business financial records

Concerned about how much time is being spent on bookkeeping and accounting each month

Greater insight of into their financial performance