Tualatin Virtual Wellness Bookkeeper

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
in Newberg, Oregon

Newberg Bookkeeping & Accounting for Your Health & Wellness Business

Just like you want to help your patients stay healthy, we want to help your finances stay healthy! The Body of Accounting utilizes degrees, certifications, the latest technology, two decades of experience and the GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) and the KISS (Keep It Simple and Sweet) methods to help Newberg health and wellness practices with valuable services including:

  • Newberg accounting and bookkeeping
  • Newberg financial education and coaching
  • Newberg document management technology

We love to use our Newberg financial and accounting services to assist local wellness industry businesses just like yours continue to do what they do!

Newberg Accounting & Bookkeeping
For Health & Wellness Practices

As your virtual bookkeeper and accounting services provider in Newberg, The Body of Accounting offers comprehensive and cost-effective services that will give you fewer headaches and greater time to focus on your patients and your practice. Count on us for:

  • Payroll processes including employee onboarding
  • Quarterly, monthly and weekly bookkeeping and accounting
  • Clean-up previous accounting and bookkeeping
  • Loan and financial account reconciliation
  • Accounting software set-up and chart of accounts
  • Managing receivable and payable accounts

Newberg Financial Education & Coaching
For Your Health & Wellness Team

You don’t have to have an accounting degree to understand just how important finances are to the function of your business. Unfortunately, financial and business literacy is not a subject taught with much emphasis in many schools. Let The Body of Accounting use our experience and expertise to provide you with personalized financial education services in Newberg so you can make decisions with full confidence. We never use frustrating jargon and instead use your practice’s real numbers to help you:

  • Know the ins and outs of your numbers
  • Get to know money’s role in your practice
  • Understand how your finances influence your business decisions
  • Identify and fix mistakes before they happen
  • Stop your “Numberphobic” mindset

Invest in The Health of Your Business

Whether you’re a veterinarian hoping to learn more about the state of their finances, a therapist who could use an effective document management system, a doctor who needs someone to fix accounting done by a previous worker, or a nutritionist looking for payroll assistance, we offer financial and accounting services in Newberg that can give tremendous, lasting benefits to providers like you who:

Hope to understand the “how” and “why” behind their daily financial transactions

Need a trained expert to handle their bookkeeping and accounting

Wish to be comfortable looking at their bookkeeper’s work

Want assistance in selecting the right document management system

Would like to be more financially literate regarding their business

Desire more confidence when talking with their financial advisor

And More!