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The Body of Accounting is your #1 source for accounting for health and wellness providers. We approach health from a holistic point of view, knowing that there are many kinds of wellness. We all know the importance of fitness and health—but financial wellness is important, too, and education on financial management is always overlooked. 

That’s why we’re here—to support our local Kansas City, MO wellness practitioners. We see all the hard work you’re doing, and we want to help you maintain financial health, too. At BOA, we excel in our work with health, wellness, and fitness-related Kansas City businesses, keeping their finances as strong and healthy as they keep their customers. Our top-rated certified management accountant team will help you create a healthier wellness business, starting with understanding and controlling your Kansas City small business accounting.

While Kansas City, Missouri health professionals do the real heroic work of keeping client safe, happy, and healthy, we’re standing by, ready to be the business accounting specialists to help them do it all. Go ahead: run your Kansas City small business! We’ll be in the background, spending our time managing payroll systems, doing holistic bookkeeping, and utilizing advanced accounting software. While you carefully adjust spines, massage clients back to health, teach the best spinning class or provide behavioral health therapy that Kansas City has ever seen, we’ll work hard to make sure your business runs efficiently. 

Our holistic, educational approach to accountant services and bookkeeping means that we’ll work to help you better understand your business finances. As an accounting firm, our goal is to leave our Kansas City clients knowledgeable and educated about their own health and wellness bookkeeping and accounting so that they are prepared for their future. Body of Accounting can provide the tools your Kansas City business needs to make informed choices about your financial health and your business.

Our Comprehensive Approach To Kansas City, MO Accounting

At Body of Accounting, we take a systematic, all-inclusive approach to your accounting and bookkeeping services. Our holistic methods ensure your business is covered from all financial angles. Our Kansas City business accounting services include:

Managerial accounting services:

management accounting creates documents, statements, and reports that allow your business to make healthy, informed financial decisions

Accrual accounting:

helping you stay on top of financial trends by recording both account receivable (incoming transactions and invoices) and account payable (outgoing transactions)

Cash accounting:

documenting and tracking outgoing and incoming finances during the direct period in which they are sent and received

Inventory accounting:

tracking, accounting, and adjusting for inventory transitions

Debt and payment management:

coordinating bank accounts, credit card accounts, loans, and equity accounts

Payroll services:

managing payroll onboarding process and disbursing employee funds

Tax accountant services:

planning and prepping for upcoming tax returns and tax seasons

Bookkeeping services:

providing regular (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) bookkeeping and accounting services to create financial regulations for your business

General ledger account services:

using advanced computing and charting software to track and manage finances (revenue, expenses and accrued expenses, equity, liabilities, assets, and accumulated depreciation)

Data management:

cleaning up prior bookkeepers’ work or backdated accounting

Financial accounting literacy:

helping you understand your business’ bookkeeping, finances, and budgets so you can take the reins of your financial health

Industry supports:

helping you navigate financial management accounts and products, such as Intuit™ and QuickBooks Pro™, Wave™ invoice and Waves accounting, and ZohoBooks™

The Best Health and Wellness Bookkeeping for Kansas City Accounting

Our BOA Kansas City account specialists serve businesses that work hard to help clients improve their health, better their wellness, and create more active and improved lifestyles. Our clients—these special companies that aim to improve the health of our local populations—are so important to us.

We support all Kansas City wellness providers who want to:

  • Comprehend and control their daily finances
  • Grow their accounting and bookkeeping knowledge
  • Evaluate and examine financial patterns on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis
  • Become more assured in their dealings with financial advisors
  • Review and improve upon a previous tax accountant’s or bookkeeper’s work
  • Master the process of reading financial statements
  • Gain a larger, more holistic view of their business’ finances

Not Your Average Health and Wellness Bookkeeping

The team at Body of Accounting isn’t satisfied at simply handling your finances for you. Instead, we work alongside you, ensuring you know how your finances are being managed and even helping you learn to become financially independent.

Business and financial literacy are rarely taught in schools—and when schools do teach these subjects, the learnings are never enough to cover even the basics of a practicing business. Luckily, Body of Accounting is here to educate and expand up your financial knowledge, giving you the financial education, you never received.

We’ll begin by creating a business plan that helps you recognize patterns, main business strategies, and control your cash flow. We’ll train you in the latest accounting software – helping you become even more proficient with whatever software you feel most comfortable using.

Even if you decide to trust someone else with your business’ finances, we’ll ensure that you won’t be taken advantage of, because you’ll be able to understand and manage your finances. Whether you tackle your own accounting or choose an accountant to manage finances for you, being financially responsible by understanding fundamental accounting and bookkeeping concepts and process can help you feel confident, make wise decisions, and expand your business. Whether you’re just learning basics or are ready to tackle more advanced topics, we can help you learn without the hassles of accounting jargon or sample company data.

We want you to take control of your accounting and to feel more confident than ever in reading and managing your finances. Our goal is to help you understand the exact causes and effects of your money flow—how and why money flows in and out of your company, and how you can use this data to save money and expand your business.

At Body of Accounting, we believe that “learning is doing.” Through interactive and customized educational sessions, we’ll help you regulate and improve your financial pathway, engage with financial books in meaningful ways, and save both time and money. With BOA by your side, you’ll learn how your daily transaction and decisions directly affect your business.

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