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The Best In Fort Myers, Florida Accounting

For the best Fort Myers accountant team to support your local health, wellness, and fitness-related businesses, look no further than The Body of Accounting. 

We are your #1 accounting source for health and wellness and behavior health providers because we take a comprehensive approach to health. There are so many kinds of wellness to look after. While you’re ensuring the health and fitness of your clients, we’ll make sure the financial wellness of your business isn’t overlooked.

Our accounting for health and wellness providers in Fort Myers, FL, has you covered. The BOA team excels in maintaining your financial health through a combination of holistic bookkeeping and education. We have a first-rate, certified management accountant team standing by, ready to help you build a healthier wellness business, understand your finances, and take control of your Fort Myers small business accounting.

Supporting Florida Wellness Practitioners

As you know, Fort Myers, Florida health and wellness professionals spend hours working tirelessly to ensure their clients’ happiness, health, and safety. We see your hard work, and we are so grateful for it! As your wellness business helps its customers, we’re standing by, ready to be the business accounting specialists that help you.

While you run your Fort Myers small business, our accountant team will use advanced software to manage your payroll systems, do health and wellness bookkeeping, and ensure the safety of your finances. While your team runs the gym, teaches steam yoga, rocks a Zumba class, or provides behavioral health therapy, our health and wellness accountants will make sure your business runs smoothly.

We approach accountant services and bookkeeping services from a holistic and educational point of view, meaning we’ll guide you towards a better understanding of your own business’ finances. We want to establish a knowledge base for our Fort Myers clients, educating them about their bookkeeping to make informed choices and prepare for the future.

The Total Package In Fort Myers, FL Accounting

Body of Accounting takes a comprehensive and wide-reaching approach to your financial services, including:

Managerial accounting:

generating reports, documents, and statements to help your business to make financial decisions

Accrual accounting:

recording of account payable and receivable

Payroll services:

depositing employee earnings and executing payroll services


administering regulated (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure financial regularity for your business

General ledger account services:

handling finances by using charting and advanced computer software, including revenue, equity, accumulated depreciation, assets, liabilities, and expenses/ accrued expenses

Data management:

fixing prior bookkeepers’ mistakes and completing backdated accounting

Financial accounting literacy:

teaching you to be financially independent with your company’s finances, bookkeeping, and budgets to help you control your financial future

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Spending hours searching the internet for “accountants near me,” “health and wellness bookkeepers near me,” or “bookkeepers near me”? With the Body of Accounting, your long search has finally come to an end. Let us handle all your accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management needs.

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