Financial Education and Coaching

“Tell me and I will forget, Teach me and I will remember, Involve me and I will learn” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Unfortunately, financial/business literacy is not taught in very much detail in school. If this subject is covered, the lessons can be found in some educational curriculum as “Accounting 101” or “Recordkeeping”, however, the concepts may be hit home or become relevant to your situation until you are actually in business.

P.S- creating a business plan is just the beginning, there is a little bit more to maintaining and controlling your cash flow.

The financial aspect of your health and wellness business is the bloodline of your business. Whether you hire a bookkeeper, accountant or choose to do yourself, you should know and understand the fundamentals and basic of accounting concepts.

It is good business practice to know how to use your accounting software, how to manage, maintain and understand your business finances before you give this important responsibility to someone else.

What is our approach?

We believe “The learning is in the doing”, which is why we offer hands-on personalized accounting and bookkeeping educational and coaching sessions using “YOUR” financial transactions.


Your business is personal is why we perform one-on-one sessions, so we can meet you where you are it. I guarantee you know more than you think.

We eliminate the accounting jargon and make learning the financial side of your business clear and simple.

We follow the KISS method, Keep It Sweet and Simple.

Our goals is for you to:​

  • Gain control of your business finances and feel confident about your numbers.
  • Understand “Why” money is going in and out your business and “How” to save money and prepare for the next level of growth.
  • Gain an understand of how every financial transaction directs your financial business decisions.
  • Engaging in your financial books, gives the opportunity to financial course correct, before losing money and time.
  • Change your “Numberphobic” mindset

Who can Benefit?​

​ Any health and wellness providers:​

*who have limited knowledge in the field of accounting and bookkeeping.

*who would like to understand the how and why of their daily financial transactions.

*who would like to learn how to read their financial statements and how they all work together.

*who would like to start analyzing their weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly financial results.

*who would like to feel more confident when dealing with their financial advisors.

*who would like to check the work of their bookkeeper and tax accountant.