Customized Accounting & Bookkeeping Service = Customized Pricing

Step One: Let Get to Know One Another

Let’s chat over coffee, via Zoom video conference.
We get to know one another and take a deep dive into your accounting, bookkeeping and financial management needs.

Step Two: Review

Already have your accounting set-up and need clean up work done? We need to take a peek to inform you of any outstanding issues or uncover what was previously done.
Are you starting off fresh? This is where we start pushing forward with an agree-upon plan.

Step 3: Proposal

We offer customized services therefore, your price is based on your individual needs.
No two health & wellness practice are the same.
We review our notes and your needs. We then present you with a quote, that we can be discussed.
Once the prices is settled, we are ready to move forward.

Step 4: Let’s get started

Once the contract is signed, we are ready to get started which begins with our on boarding process.
Remember your finances are in good hands with our Cloud Based: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Management and Accounting Education.