Accounting & Bookkeeping

“Accounting is the language of business.” ~ Warren Buffet

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Bookkeeping for your business

Accounting consists of many elements as it relates to the financial side of your health and wellness business.The beginning stage of accounting is Bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is the foundation of Accounting. Bookkeeping is the recording of the daily financial transactions in conformity with GAAP, General Accepted Accounting Principles. Your daily financial transactions are the elements of your financial statements.

Just like the health and wellness industry has principles and standard, so does the accounting industry. The Accounting principles allow for your financial transactions and financial statements to be reliable, relevant and free of errors. Accurate financial statements will enable you to make financial business decisions based on accurate data. Once the bookkeeping is accurate, you are ready to dive into the Accounting functions of your business, which in developing a budget, measuring the trends and developing a forecast for the future.

Medical Accounting For Your Health & Wellness Practice

Most health and wellness curriculum lack the financial education and financial management element of running a successful health and wellness practice. Our systems will not only give you more free time, but we can help you understand the whys and how to take control of your business finances. We are here to assist with filling in the financial gaps and providing medical accounting for your health and wellness practice. We deliver far more than numbers, as we interpret and review financial results jargon-free.

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What is Our Approach?

Our approach to Accounting and Bookkeeping is to:

manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable

reconciliation on loans, bank accounts, credit card accounts, equity accounts

handle payroll and payroll processes onboarding of employees

get you ready for tax season

provide weekly, monthly, quarterly accounting and bookkeeping services

provide set-up of chart of accounts and accounting software

provide clean-up of backdated accounting and/or clean up of prior bookkeeper's work

help you feel confident about your books

Who can Benefit?

Any health and wellness providers who are:

Ready to outsource their bookkeeping function

Overwhelmed with the financial aspect of their health and wellness business