Tualatin Virtual Wellness Bookkeeper

This is our story 

It all started with therapy….

A few years ago, I began therapy to work through my mother’s grief. At that same time, I managed a finance team while attending school full-time at night to obtain my Master’s degree.

My therapist recommended that I try an activity that did not require a deadline. A fun activity, something that was freeing, something that would bring me joy, and something that I always wanted to do. So I decided to do belly dancing classes!! And guess what? I never stopped dancing. I am no Shakira, but these hips don’t lie…..

Belly dancing and therapy began the pathway to my continuous wellness journey. Over the years and at various points in my life, I have incorporated additional well-being practices (such as yoga, massage therapy, martial arts, aesthetics, and various forms of therapy treatments) into my regular schedule.

These businesses within the health and wellness industry have helped me tremendously on my wellness journey, which includes my mind, body, and soul. I started to think about how I could use my accounting education, financial experience, and financial expertise to give back to an industry that has helped me.

So, The Body of Accounting was established to help health and wellness businesses remain operational, generate a steady stream of positive cash flow, learn the ropes of accounting and finance, and fall dangerously in love with their finances.

Welcome to the Body of Accounting. We care for the health and wellness of your accounting, accounting technology, bookkeeping and financial management of your business – so can care for yourself, clients and patients.

Our Mission:

For Health, Wellness and Alternative Medicine business owners to “Fall Dangerously in Love with Their Finances”

Our Why:

Our “Why” drives us to continuously improve how we serve the health and wellness industry through financial education, accounting, and bookkeeping services.

We understand how critical it is for you to run a successful health and wellness business and put your talents to work so that you can live the life you envision for yourself. To what end, then? Lozelle Mathai established the Body of Accounting for one reason: to put our expertise in accounting, technology, and financial management to work for you so that you can realize your financial goals.

Our Vision:

Finance is not the sexy part of any business – we believe when business owners understand their finances, finance can become the sexy and exciting part of their business.